Free From Wine: How life changes when you quit drinking

Free from Wine – How life changes when you quit drinking has liberated countless Finns from alcohol since 2016.

It will revolutionize your understanding of alcohol, alcoholism, sobriety, and life without alcohol. In this book, six women share their stories with their faces and names, revealing their relationship with alcohol, and how their life changed when they quit drinking.

This edition is an updated version of the first edition released in 2016. The first edition concluded with the author, Ira Koivu, having been sober for six months. In this new edition, she shares what happened after the book’s publication. The book also includes new stories and research findings.

Feedback from book

Journalist Ira Koivu fearlessly tackles a sensitive topic and a significant taboo of our time. Her book Free from Wine makes continuing to drink alcohol extremely challenging.

This remarkable book prompts reflection on why that deadly poison has become an accepted part of our collective lifestyle.

-Author Heikki Peltola